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Top 7 Questions to Guide Your Manifestation Goals

What do I want out of life? Yes, that is one of the most important questions to ask yourself if you want to create your ideal life and make your dreams come true. As I enter my mid-forties you would think I would have this one all figured out. Turns out I don't. Do you?

If we are in the same boat, follow these steps with me so we can finally find that mythical place in life called fulfillment.

So apparently, the cosmos and your subconscious mind need to know what it needs to offer in order to be able to guide you. (Who knew?) But how do you know what you want to make your ideal life a reality? As women it is often very hard for us to stop worrying about others and to stop and think about what it is that we truly want.

Have no fear, there are ways to get to the heart of that answer. These questions will help you figure out exactly what it is you want out of life:

  1. What do I wish for a loved one?

  2. If money was no issue, what would I do with my life?

  3. What activities would I enjoy if I wasn’t afraid?

  4. If Aladdin's genie was real, what would your wishes be?

  5. What does your perfect day look like?

  6. When I reflect on my life, what would I regrets do I want to avoid?

  7. What don't I enjoy doing?

Did your mind go blank with any of these questions? I know I struggled with a few of them. Let's dive deeper into what these questions help tell us.

1. What Do I Wish for a Loved One?

I know, it is so hard to think about ourselves isn't it? We often feel it could appear selfish, and we might even believe we don't deserve certain things. In this case, focusing on someone else can be helpful.

Consider a person you care deeply about and for whom you only want the best. What kind of wishes do you have for that person?

What do you picture this person's life to be like?

2. If money was no issue, what would I do with my life?

Many of us let money stop us from achieving our goals because we think we can’t afford this or that. Nevertheless, visualizing money is simpler than most people realize.

Just give up the notion that you can't afford what you want because there is always money available and more money is printed every day. What? Yes, stop limiting your dreams and desires by yesterday's realities.

Imagine having $1 billion in your bank account.

What would you get first if you got the money? How would your lifestyle change? Don't restrict yourself; you can have anything you want! Seriously, pretend you are in imaginary land. Really let yourself feel those Egyptian cotton sheets, embrace the wind in your hair as you ride off into the sunset on your yacht, and taste the sweetness of the grapes the love of your life is serving you. Allow yourself to channel your inner child and dream big and vividly.

3. What activities would I enjoy if I wasn’t afraid?

Fear is a major manifesting barrier that stops people from achieving their goals.

I can relate to this on a personal level. Fear has always been one of my major roadblocks, preventing me from manifesting and living the life of my dreams. Fear is my saboteur—stopping my dreams dead in their tracks.

If you struggle with fear, use it as a tool to better understand what it is that you really want. It is most likely this fear that is preventing you from reaching your desires.

So consider how your life would be different from how it is now if fear were not a factor for you and nothing could harm you.


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4. If genie's were real, what would you wish for?

Answer quickly and instinctively.

With the Law of Attraction, you are not restricted to only three wishes; however, this exercise helps you discover your deepest desires.

5. What does your perfect day look like?

When it comes to figuring out what you actually desire, the answer to this question might provide a wealth of information.

It's vital to remember here that there are no limits. You don't have to take care of anyone; this is your day. Money is irrelevant. The day is yours to spend however, wherever, and with whomever you choose.

6. When I reflect on my life, what would I regrets do I want to avoid?

We've all seen that movie. The protagonist on his deathbed reflecting on his deepest regrets. Why didn't I spend more time with my kids? Why did I work so much? Why didn't I forgive? Maybe you've experienced this yourself already or perhaps you've witnessed a love one suffer the consequences of regret.

In this case let fear guide you. What do you fear you would regret?

Don't be among those who, in the future, reflect on the past and think to themselves, "Oh, if I could only turn back time..." This question has a lot of depth.

Consider the things that, if you knew you had done them in your life, would make you happy, proud, and at peace with yourself. And set a deadline for yourself to experience these things sooner rather than later.

7. What don't I enjoy doing?

Sometimes it's easier—and more natural—to think about what you don't want. By visualizing the opposite, you can discover what you DO want.

You may have frequently heard that when manifesting, you must be careful not to "order" anything bad because the universe cannot tell the difference between what we desire and what we don't.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, this is vital. Tools like affirmations or visualizations are critical tools to help your subconscious mind provide you with the right tools to reach your goals. But, to get out of your own way, asking the question “What don’t I want?” can be very helpful in helping you discover what you truly desire.

Don’t forget to ask why when you are exploring the opposite of what you don’t want.


Once you define your deepest desires, it is often helpful to eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Check out this free gift that will help you unlock your subconscious.


As discussed earlier, asking yourself WHY can frequently help you delve deeper and identify your goals more precisely.

For those of you who have a good idea of what you want, the following questions can help you clarify what you truly desire.

  1. What will I gain by getting it?

  2. What if I don't receive it?

  3. What do I give up in order to do this? And would I agree to do that?

  4. Is there someone that can help reach this goal?

Using these questions in conjunction with WHY can help you gain a better understanding and outline the steps you can take to fulfill your dream more quickly.

My wish for you is that these questions help you make your dreams come true. I've been fascinated by manifestation and the law of attraction for some time now. At times I feel like I have it all figured out. The universe provides. Other times I struggle.

If you are like me and hunger to learn more, here are some resources that have helped me along my journey.


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