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St. Patrick just called and told me the rules are off, ladies.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Actually, they were never on, and we are all Irish, or at least pretend to be. And that may really be the only required common denominator of the fun day. Because we are diverse creatures—multifaceted, simple yet mysterious, funny sometimes, all business the next, silly but intelligent, confident but also vulnerable—sometimes we’re bitches and sometimes the sweetest you’ll ever meet. As complex or simple as you may be, enjoying St. Patty's Day is your God-given Irish right.

Now that I’ve made us sound a bit like psychos, can we talk about flair, fashion, and fun?

Given that St. Patty's Day is for everyone, whatever your background, race, ethnicity, age, or any other trait you can think of, we need to have options for how and where we will celebrate our favorite things for the upcoming St. Patty’s Day for the varying women that we are.

For the professional who also wants to go out after work: Pack up your ID (in hopes you might still get carded), money, phone, and maybe even some snacks in this fabulous Kate Spade Sam Icon Spazzolato Leather Small Tote bag in the prettiest of grassy greens. I wasn't sure what Spazzolato leather meant, and if you are weirdly curious like me, this little educational post might help. Whether you care to know the details of its origin or not, this spazzolato tote is sure to get lots of stares. My favorite feature is the optional and adjustable cross-body strap to keep this cutie secure, which you might want to use; if I see you out and about, I may just try to snatch it.

This flowing green blouse will go from the office nicely tucked under a blazer to dinner and a night out with jeans. And the main reason I love this flowing green blouse so much? It could easily be worn by any woman from ages 20 to 70, of any body type or size. It’s truly flattering for all.

For the staying-in St. Patty’s girl: Have your own baking party with the kids with these adorable polka-dot baking cups and cookie cutters. Both will save you time while upping your Martha Stewart game and your calorie intake—who said we can't have it all?

Where are my Sexy St. Patty’s girls? This ensemble is going to make you irresistible to your SO. Bonus—this can even make period panties pretty, and compared to a corset...much easier to get on (and off!)

Oh, and my heart is near and dear to the good ol’ Pub Crawlin’ St. Patty’s girl. She’s usually the life of the party, sure to make you laugh, and she just might get really drunk on some green beer. This year, she—I mean you—can be all of that plus some, minus the trip to the dollar store. No St. Patrick’s Day is complete without shamrock-shaped, green-lensed glasses. Channel your college-girl self with all these goodies. I’m using my Irish luck to bet that you’ll be the cutest little charmer at the party.

I love some green in my home decor! For all you decorators who actually put out seasonal decor items, I tip my hat to you, and I also believe these fabric-covered balls will look amazing on your perfectly staged entry table that no one is allowed to touch. Get the Valentine's Day hand towels out of the way to make room for these adorable shamrock-themed towels (that no one is allowed to use, of course).

We all have that one friend (or maybe it’s you) who will squeeze in a run before heading out to celebrate the Irish, and for her, we have these sporty finds. I personally would wear any of these year-round and just about anywhere—especially the green leggings that look oh so comfy and will also help shape my 40-something belly. And these joggers: Are they pajamas? Or are they pants? Do I have to jog if I wear them? I dunno, but they are my new favorite thing.

Don’t leave your tech accessories behind—adorn your phone in this cute green phone case that will not only protect your phone from breaking but, at this price, your bank account too.

Us dog moms know we can’t leave the fur babies out on any holiday, let alone St. Patty’s. This collar is so precious and comes in sizes XS to XL, your purse-dog can have one as well as your giant Irish wolfhound (it is his day, after all).

And for the true Irish girl—a.k.a. all of us this time of year—we deserve more than just plastic beads. A splash of bling never hurts, and these emerald gems will look spectacular on March 17 as well as the remaining 364 days of the year.

In closing, I guess there is one simple rule I’d ask you to follow on St. Patty’s Day and every day, and that is to support each other. If you see another fearless, happy woman out doing what she does, don’t compare yourself to her, don’t wish you were her, and don’t have even a tinge of jealousy. And if she appears to be struggling, look her in the eye with kindness so she knows you understand, because we’re all in this together. But don’t pick up her crown; let her do that on her own when she’s ready. It’s her crown after all; just straighten yours and go about your lucky Irish way. Your caring and compassion will let her know it’s still there.

An Irish Blessing for women: “May the dreams which you hold dearest be those which come true, and the kindness you spread keep returning to you.”


Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links which means if you purchase an item we make a small commission. So what do ya say? Share a little luck today?

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